File Guidelines

Please submit all artwork in a digital format so that we can produce your sign properly. Logos, artwork and photos are impacting additions to your signage, please follow these basic guidelines when sending a file. The preferred file types are .EPS, .AI & .PDF. We do not accept InDesign.

Color Formats

Logos, Text, & Vector Artwork

For these types of files we would need the following formats: .EPS, .AI, .PDF. If possible all text should be converted to curves/ outlines. This will insure that your text will be used on your sign. If you are not able to convert the text please include the Fonts as True Type or Adobe Type 1 fonts. As long as the artwork has been created in one of the above programs that uses vector art we can manipulate it and scale it appropriately.

Photos, 4-color Images & Raster Artwork

For full color artwork we recommend the following formats: .TIFF, .JPG, .PSD., .BMP. All these files are acceptable, however for digital printing make sure that the file is a least 150 dpi at full size, 300 dpi at 50% size. With all these file formats we would contact you if the resolution is not good quality.

When files are not available some hardcopy material can be provided and scanned into the system. Sharp, detailed black & white art will produce the best results.

Color Formats

The most common color systems used in the production process our CMYK, RGB & Pantone (PMS). If you require a specific color, please have those specifications for all colors used in the artwork.

If you have any questions about file formats and resolution, or want to send us a file please feel free to contact our graphic department.

We accept the following file formats:
File Types

.AI, .EPS- Adobe Illustrator Files
The most preferred file type. We prefer have the art sent in Adobe CS, or anything lower than that version. Vectorized line art and logo's and PMS colors. These files are usually small in size because of their line art makeup. Sometime pixel images maybe placed in these files to accompany the vector artwork; such as photos.

NOTE: Placing a jpg. or tiff. and any other image in an ai. or eps. file does not convert those files into vectorized artwork.

.PDF- Adobe Acrobat File
These files are the same as above and can be viewed on PC & Mac computers. When using this file format please make sure that the fonts are converted to outlines/ curves.

.PSD- Adobe Photoshop File
These are images made in Adobe Photoshop. These can be any size or resolution, and any color. Photoshop images are usually made in layers, so please flatten to one layer before sending the file, unless some layers need to be edited. Images should typically be at least 150 dpi at full size, 300 dpi at 50% size.

.TIFF- Tagged-Image-File-Format
This is one of the most common formats used for raster images. These can be any resolution, and they can be any color, grayscale or b&w.

.JPG- Joint Photographic Experts Group
This is a compressed file for color images. It is the most popular format for emailing files because of its small size. JPGs are not a preferred format for enlarging files. We accept this format, and will let you know if the resolution is acceptable for the project.

.DOC- Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Word documents are usually text with some elements of images. We accept this format and can copy the text into our sign making program.

.BMP- Bitmap Image
These images come in any color or resolution. We accept these file, and will let you know if the resolution is acceptable for the project.

.PPT- Microsoft PowerPoint Document
PowerPoint is a program used to display presentations. These file are meant to be seen, and not printed. We do accept this file format but would not recommend it.